Greek Olives

Greek Olives

Olive tree is the symbol of peace and according to Greek tradition its country is Athens and the first ever olive tree was planted at the Acropolis by the goddess Athena. The olive thrives in temperate climates without extreme temperatures and humidity levels (Greece, Spain, Italy, and Turkey). The olive fruit matures in autumn, a period during which the crop occurs. Greece produces many kinds of olive and in large quantities. The Greek olives, an excellent source of monounsaturated fatty acids, and their rich nutrients, benefit our health. They give the human body fiber and minerals and they are also a good source of vitamin E, rich in antioxidants.


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Olives are a complete food and an essential addition to any table, generously offering health and longevity. Their combination with fresh lemon, garlic and oregano give a delicious result. 100g.


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