Greek Pasta

Greek Pasta

Historically, pasta was something that was not missing from any Greek house cellar. The ancient Greeks had a primitive kind of pasta like fried batter, called "lagana" which could possibly be where the Italian lasagna came from. Even the word "macaroni" is probably of Greek origin, from the word Makaria. Trahanas, noodles, chylopitaki, lazanaki, oatmeal. Pasta that surely remind us of ' Grandma' and ' village' and takes us back in time. The traditional crafts of Greece, for decades now, produce genuine traditional pasta, using the purest natural materials-wheat, water, eggs, milk and old homemade recipes.


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Delicious risotto with unique tastes of forest mushrooms. A healthy choice, ready in 5 minutes! Ingredients: Greek rice Carolina, wild porcini mushrooms, and mixture of dried vegetables (carrot, parsley,onion, parsley, turmeric). Natural product. Perfect for proper nutrition of children and adults. Not used chemical additives, colorings or flavorings.