Greek liqueur

"What about a Liqueur ?"
The homemade liqueurs held a prominent position in every household and their preparation was one of the favorite hobbies of women. Today, working women do not have the time to make them using their grandmothers’ recipes. The commercial production of liquors in many flavors, gave the solution. The Greek liqueurs are produced from high quality raw materials that meet the market demand for more natural and safer products.

Organic Honey Liquer "Ktima Chroni" 500ml.

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Category : LIQUEUR

A healthy liqueur for all times and seasons, made from honey and herbs. Consumed pleasantly (plain or with ice). Without preservatives, sugar and additives, 100% natural product. 500ml


Additional Information

Το ρακόμελο είναι ένα αλκοολούχο ποτό που παρασκευάζεται από μέλι με την διαδικασία της ζύμωσης των σακχάρων του μελιού. Παρασκευάζεται συνδυάζοντας ρακή με μέλι και διάφορα μπαχαρικά, όπως η κανέλα, το γαρίφαλο, ή άλλα τοπικά βότανα.