Sweeteners are additives of natural or synthetic origin used to impart a sweet taste to food or drinks. Recent years have seen a great deal of research in the discovery of new sweeteners. Because of the increased demand for low in sugar and calories foods, the stevia plant and sweeteners derived from its leaves are in demand lately.

La Mia Crystal Stevia 1:3 600gr

Product Details


La Mia Stevia crystallized, 600 gr of a 1: 3! Equivalent to 2 pounds of sugar in sweetness! Each gram La Mia Stevia, equivalent to 3 grams of sugar! Save money, add 1/3 teaspoon of La Mia Stevia and will get the same sweetness of sugar with 1 tablespoon! From Greek stevia leaves, cultivated in Fthiotida! Get free 10 sachets of La Mia Stevia! It contains no calories! Ingredients: Erythritol, steviol glycosides from Greek stevia leaves.


Additional Information

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