Herbs in tea bags

Herbs in tea bags

Nature itself is the biggest pharmacy. Flora hides the secrets of beauty and health, proposing the optimum solution to every problem. Over the years, man began to forget the treatments of nature and instead turned his interest to the products of chemical laboratories. But nature takes its revenge as we rediscover, bit by bit, the beneficial properties of the plants. In Greek nature a multitude of herbs thrive, that with their great taste or with their perfume, improve our life, health and mood. The way the old knew... Now we are in position to offer herbs in handy tea bags. This way you can have them with you at all times.

WILLOW (Tea bags) BIO

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The herb against the prostate. In laboratory studies conducted at the Prostate Research Center in Vancouver, they found that very small concentrations of the herb adversely affect the action of the enzymes 5-alpha reductase and aromatase involved in the onset of prostate hyperplasia. It has also been seen to help the urinary tract in diseases such as incontinence, bladder infections and cystitis. She has also helped women considerably in dealing with period and uterine bleeding disorders. 12 sachets.