Greek Honey

Greek Honey

Greek honey is produced in the special sunny Greek environment, from a huge variety of plants, trees, flowers and altitudes. Its not an excessive claim that Greece produces the best honey in the world. The incredibly rich flora of the country offers a huge variety of wild flowering plants, which feed the bees. Greek honey is PDO, ie Protected Designation of Origin. The taste, the high nutritional value, the density and the flavor, rank Greek Honey among the best in the world.

Product Details

Category : HONEY

Organic Herb Tea, organic honey (20g), organic pollen (10g) organic royal jelly (0.5g) and lemon juice! Good source of vitamins, proteins, trace elements, minerals, fatty acids, carbohydrates, enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants and other nutrients! Refreshing, nutritious, unique flavor, with a special benefit to the human body! Excellent quality, 100% natural product. 200ml


Additional Information

► Αριθμός πιστοποίησης: 6946080700 DECO2
► Αριθμός κτηνιατρικής έγκρισης: 63SM1
► Αριθμός αδείας λειτουργίας συσκευαστηρίου: Φ. 14.2/422/1/223
► Αριθμός μελισσοκομικού μητρώου: EL 63/59
► Κωδικός βιολογικής πιστοποίησης GR BIO-05

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