Greek Olive Oil

Greek Olive Oil

The island of Lesvos, from ancient times, is connected with excellent olive oil and the production of olive products in general. The whole island is covered with a multitude of trees that form a massive olive tree forest. There are over eleven million olive trees on the island today. The exceptionally tasty and fine olive oil has been for years the main resource of income for the locals. Unparalleled in taste, aroma and with the best nutritional properties, Mytilene olive oil is a true gift of the Lesbian nature.

Apricot & Bitter Almond Spread with Agave Jukeros

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Vegan Product
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Spread made of Greek apricots, agave nectar instead of sugar and superb bitter almond aroma. Sugar free. Delicious choice to start your day with. Can also be used for glazing cakes and tarts or as a filling for biscuits. No preservatives, artificial colors or additives. Keep refrigerated after opening. Low glycemic index. 240gr.


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