Greek Olive Oil

Greek Olive Oil

The island of Lesvos, from ancient times, is connected with excellent olive oil and the production of olive products in general. The whole island is covered with a multitude of trees that form a massive olive tree forest. There are over eleven million olive trees on the island today. The exceptionally tasty and fine olive oil has been for years the main resource of income for the locals. Unparalleled in taste, aroma and with the best nutritional properties, Mytilene olive oil is a true gift of the Lesbian nature.

Hot red sweet Florina Pepper Sauce Jukeros 115ml

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Vegan Product
Category : SAUCES

Hot red sweet Florina Pepper Sauce flavored with fresh Mint and Caraway. Very Hot. Cooked with cider vinegar. Great for roasted meat, poultry, fish and all the dishes we wish to boost in terms of intensity and aromas. A tablespoon in a any dish will add spices and aromas. Preservative free. 115ml.