Nutritional Products

Nutritional Products

Tahini, honey, molasses, spirulina, natural products that are on the list of the most healthy and nutritious choices with sufficient caloric yield but also with high nutritional value and beneficial action. They are an ideal substitute for animal protein, especially during periods of fasting, since they contain a significant amount of vegetable protein of high biological value, and at the same time, anti-aging and rejuvenating the body. This combination is an excellent choice to nourish your body and spirit!


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Organic ProductBIOSERRES

Spirulina is an aquatic algae and contains more than 100 beneficial nutrients, absolutely necessary for the human body. It is the richest plant source of protein. It has all the essential amino acids that must be taken daily with food. It has the highest iron content of all plant foods. Is a source of vitamin B12, vitamin found only in animal foods. Contains many different plant nutrients, most with proven antioxidant properties. 200gr.